Rope and Cordage for Marine, Boats, Yachts,
Nautical, Flag Poles, Fabric

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First quality Rope and Over-Runs from US Rope Mfg. - Bungee Cord, Stretch Cord, Poly Rope, Polypro Rope, Nylon Rope, Hanks, Halyards, Industrial Fabric,
and much more.


All Cordage and Rope on Spools.

Uses: Halyard, Bimini Top Lace Cord, Anchor Line, Fender Cord, Lanyards, Starter Cord, Sinking Line For Traps, Dingy Lines. Replacement Boat Cover Cord/Stretch Cord

Made with 100% nylon jacket, nylon interlace (strength) hi tenacity polypro in core (elasticity):

Nylon sinks in water, is less stretchy than polyester.

The nylon offering below is available only in one color, natural (off white as per samples). All spools have at least a   diameter arbor hole and plastic flanges.

These are Utility Ropes and are not for life/valuables support.

 Cordage size (diameter) 32ds based reference chart:

1/8" = #4    3/16"= #6

1/4" = #8

5/16" = # 10

3/8" = # 12

1/2" = # 16              


1/8", #4 nylon x 500 ft  MR1027500
$ 10.88 per spool approx wt 2.6 lbs

x 1000 ft MR10271 
$ 19.90 per spool approx weight 4.4lbs

3/16", #6 nylon x 500 ft  MR1065500  
$ 19.88 per spool approx weight 4.6lbs

x 1000 ft MR10651     
$ 31.48 per spool approx weight 9.9 lbs

1/4", #8 nylon x 500 ft  MR1067500     
$ 32.67 per spool approx weight 8.8 lbs

 x1000 ft MR10671  
$ 52.94 per spool  approx weight 15.3 lbs

3/8", #12 nylon x 500 ft MR1029500  
$64.28 per spool approx wt 19 lbs

 X 1000 ft MR10291
$128.45 per spool approx wt 38 lbs





Made with 100% polyester jacket, polyester inter-lace (strength) polyester in core (LOW elasticity):

Polyester sinks in water, is more LESS stretchy than nylon.

The polyester offering below is available in mostly natural (off white as per samples) with a few exceptions as noted. All spools have at least a   diameter arbor hole and plastic flanges.

These are Utility Ropes and are not for life/valuables support.

#4, 1/8" polyester x 500 ft MR1005500 
$ 10.01per spool approx. weight 2.2 lbs

x 1000 ft  MR10051
$ 17.02 per spool approx weight 4.4 lbs

#4 COLOR x Forest green x 500 ft  MR170500 $15.06/spool weight approx 2.4lbs

Gray  x 500 ft   MR191500
$15.00/spool  weight approx 2.4lbs

Burgundy x 500 ft  MR1171500
 $15.00/spool weight approx 2.4lbs

Black x 500 ft   MR1036500 
$15.00/spool weight approx 2.4lbs


#6, 3/16" polyester x 500 ft MR1039500 $16.60 per spool approx weight 4.5 lbs

x 1000 ft  MR10391 $ 33.02 per spool approx weight 9.2 lbs

 #6 COLOR (black only) x 500 ft MR1031500 $22.32 per spool approx weight 5 lbs

#8,  polyester x 500 ft MR1008500 $ 28.33 per spool approx weight is 8.5 lbs

x 1000 ft  MR10081  $ 54.38 per spool approx weight is 16 lbs

#8 COLOR (black only) x 500 ft MR1034500
$44.62/ spool approx weight 9 lbs

# 12, 3/8" polyester x 500 ft   MR1125500
$ 64.60 per spool approx weight 17.5 lbs

 x 1000 ft  MR10211
 $113.30 per spool approx weight 34.7 lbs




 x 500 ft   MR1077500 Black, UV stable MFP polypropylene jacket 500 ft per spool $ 33.17 per spool around 16 lbs .

#12 x 600 ft spool, MRCA35152, $37.05 per spool. Approx 15.6 lbs

#16 x 600ft spool, MRCA35155, $59.84 per spool. Approx 27.2lbs



Spools are continuous up to 1,000 feet and have
no-breaks in them.
Spools are ABS plastic